A strategic rebrand to realign an outdated brand to its new modern-day values, standards and ethos

The Whitfield Group challenged Verto to give them a completely new visual brand starting from the ground up. Over the years, the company has been through a series of changes and their outdated visual identity no longer reflected the standards and ethos to which they operate. We were commissioned to create a brand-new customer-facing trading name, visual brand identity, website and various brand touchpoints. The aim was to help the company project a new brand image which they would be proud to serve under and to help ensure their continued success in an extremely competitive market.

After the thorough research and investigation phase of the project, where we engaged with both existing customers and staff, a clear creative direction was formed. The trading name of OpenArch, developed by the Verto team, is a modern twist on one of the earliest known meanings of the Whitfield name. This approach allowed us to combine the concept of a long and significant history with the company’s modern, forward-thinking aspirations.
Our challenge was to then create a visual brand identity which worked for a very broad audience ranging from university students to working professionals and business owners. As a result, we created a flexible graphical solution that allowed the brand to keep strong visual consistency no matter the audience, while ensuring content could easily be tailored to serve each specific target audience. We were able to achieve this using unique patterns and strong brand icons which could be applied to various marketing materials, on and offline. The result was an adaptable brand image taking advantage of a diverse colour palette to individually target specific target markets.


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