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Companies spend a lot of time, money and sheer energy becoming masters of their chosen field. Expertise is a highly sought-after commodity. This can be packaged as a unique product or service, but often the key to success is making a name for yourself in a specific market, sector or segment. This sets you apart from your competition. According to Al Ries & Jack Trout, authors of the insightful marketing textbook ‘Positioning’, it is all about carving out a unique position. If you can’t be at the top of your ladder - create a new one.

At some point or another, however, there is a strategic shift in the business. This may be due to saturation looming within a chosen market, the need to spread risk, or simply the realisation that your product or core competence is transferable and that rewards can be reaped elsewhere.

The Ansoff matrix depicts how an existing offering can be sold into new markets (market development) or indeed how a new product or service can be sold into new markets (diversification). The former is often seen as a lower risk and quicker win scenario, but what do you need to be successful? Verto London’s strategic marketing partner, experienced B2B marketers BCM Agency, have worked with many clients over the years who find themselves in this situation. Co-Founder and Head of Communications, Miriam Drahmane, explains: “A viable strategy supported by solid research is needed first and foremost. Thinking something is bound to work or tacit knowledge of a market place is not sufficient. To enter a new market your target audiences need to engage with your offering and how you present yourself needs to reflect their needs and drivers derived from research and insight”.

The website is often the place where it all starts. What invariably happens is that companies dip a toe in the water, adding content to the existing website to demonstrate their ability to support a new market place. This builds and in a short space of time the website can become jumbled with mixed messages and no clear positioning. This risks losing the dominant position and reputation the company originally sought to grow.

The alternative is to set up a new website, perhaps with a different operating name and brand, but this can come with a hefty price tag without that arm of the business having yet sold anything at all.

So, what’s the solution?

Dan Brockwell, Director of disruptive web agency, Verto London, says “There is a cost-effective digital solution for companies wishing to position themselves away from their core business. We work with organisations building run-on duplicate websites that function in the same way as their existing site but can be up or downscaled to suit their needs and branded in such a way as to differentiate from other arms of the business”.

This web solution has proved to be highly popular amongst budget conscious companies or simply those that wish to work smarter. The technology, coined by Verto as its Dynamic Site Generator, comes with a user-friendly and intuitive Content Management System (CMS), empowering companies to update their new websites themselves without incurring agency fees. New arms to a business which are, in effect, start-ups can build their online value proposition quickly and simply, and at a fraction of the cost traditional web builds would demand.

Verto London offers a range of support packages to include ongoing search engine optimisation and pay per click to ensure that new dynamic websites are found and that they lead to real sales leads and conversions.

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