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Marketing principles remain the same – the right message for the right audience. The way we buy today, however, is very different – that goes for B2B as much as for B2C. More than 80% of the buying decision has been made by the time you receive a call, even B2B buyers (over 72% in fact) use social media to inform their buying decisions. The beauty of digital marketing is that you are promoting your business where your customers already are: online.

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to increase brand equity and revenue. Unlike offline marketing, digital marketing offers real time results – you know who has opened, clicked and converted instantly and in today’s competitive landscape, real time intelligence is critical.

It’s not all about websites though, it’s about communication channels. Your website needs to reflect what you say in person, it also needs to be found, hence the focus on search engine optimisation in recent years. Even if you only have a ‘brochure site’ where people go to validate information, there cannot be a disconnect. On average there are seven touch points required to get a prospect from unaware to engaged and ready to buy. These touch points today are ultimately online; an email, a newsletter, web visit, social media post and so on. Traditional marketing is most definitely not dead – there will always be a place for PR, networking, meetings and phone calls but more and more we are seeing online versions created with networking happening via LinkedIn, skype meetings and PR becoming increasingly digital.

Everyone is online today, everyone has a website so it’s not about digital being a differentiator. It’s your digital strategy that will give you a point of difference. It’s all about efficiencies – making sure your digital is working hard for you around the clock.

That’s where Verto London can help. We are digital experts offering web design and build, SEO, social and all things digital. We focus on efficiencies to make sure your budgets get the greatest return on investment possible.

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